The Heart of St. Paul’s Hospital Videos

St. Paul’s Hospital staff speak about living their vision through their work at St. Paul’s Hospital. 

The Heart and Soul of St. Paul’s Hospital – 2017 (9 minutes)


What it means to be a Catholic Hospital – October 2017, (7 minutes)

Reflections on St. Paul’s Hospital – October, 2017 (11 minutes)

The Most Important Thing at St. Paul’s Hospital

Short (30 second) videos where staff speak out about what they find important at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon. 

“Family” – Beata Van Berkom, Lab Technician (30 seconds)

“A Sense of Belonging” – Dr. Satchan Takaya, Infectious Diseases Physician (30 seconds)

“Respect for All” – Sarabjeet Singh, Registered Nurse (30 seconds)

“A Community of People” – Marlessa Wesolowski, Artist-in-Residence (30 seconds)

“The Mission” – Dorothy Schick, Spiritual Care Practitioner (30 seconds)

“The Heart” – Bobbi Oldridge, Speech Language Therapist (30 seconds)