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Kindred Spirit
SPH Foundation Donor Report  
Issue 4: Spring 2018

Thanks for Making a Positive Difference

The spring 2018 edition of SPH Foundation’s Kindred Spirit is chock-full of interesting stories about how your donations are supporting patient and staff care at St. Paul’s Hospital.


In this issue, you will learn how St. Paul’s Hospital Gift Shop support Hospital staff professional development. You will meet Brian Favel, the first Nītisānak Navigator in our Emergency Room. You can also read about how our Foundation was one of only 13 recipients of the Not for Profit Employers of Choice awards in 2017.


Thanks for being a SPH Foundation donor and St. Paul’s Hospital supporter. You are truly making a positive difference in our community.


Bruce Acton, SPH Foundation CEO

Your Gifts In Action!


Honey For The Soul: Worobetz Family Supports Spiritual Care

The Worobetz family connection to St. Paul’s Hospital runs deep, with three generations of the family working at St. Paul’s Hospital. Dr. Lawrence Worobetz personally supports the Hospital, and his uncle and aunt Stephen and Michelene Worobetz have supported the Hospital for decades through their foundation. <read more>


Thanks To You

Thanks to you, patients with clots in their arteries or veins are getting better care. Procedures have gone from two days in intensive care, to two hours and home the next day. Since donors supported the purchase of the Angiojet Ultra Thrombectomy System, everything has changed. <read more>

Together we are Stronger


Survive and Thrive: Urology Symposium

The title “Survive and Thrive” for the Leslie and Irene Dubé Urology Centre of Health annual Urology Symposium perfectly sums up the wishes of every man and his family following a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. Our friend and prostate cancer survivor Murray Hill shares more information about the Urology Symposium.
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The Gift Shop: Brightening Customers’ Days

“The Gift Shop at St. Paul’s Hospital is a reprieve from the sometimes emotional and clinical atmosphere of the Hospital,” says Gift Shop Manager Stella Price. She and her staff strive to create a welcoming environment because they know their customers may be going through a hard time.
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Trauma-Informed Care Respects The Whole Person

Dr. Mary Deutscher, Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan Bioethicist, reflects on trauma-informed care, which respects that people continue to be affected by traumatic events long after the physical scars have healed.
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Planting the Seeds of Hope

A Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) machine can be used to diagnose and treat a multitude of conditions right at the patient’s bedside. This means no transfers between Hospital units, no scheduled appointments, and most importantly—no waiting!
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Hospital News


Day in the life of the Nītisānak Navigator

There’s a friendly new face in the Emergency Department at St. Paul’s Hospital. Brian Favel is the Hospital’s first Nitisanak Navigator in the ER. He provides culturally sensitive, holistic health care support to First Nations and Métis patients in the Emergency Room at St. Paul’s Hospital. <read more>


The Most Important Thing

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