Story Posted: 2022-06-30

Donor Generosity Advances Innovation

Donor Generosity Advances Innovation

Saskatoon (June 6, 2022)

St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation (SPH) wishes to extend our profound gratitude to our remarkably compassionate donors who have once again allowed us to provide critical support in crucial times. Through the immense generosity and commitment of our donors along with effective stewardship of investments, in 2021 St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation (SPHF) raised $12,106,536 in support of St. Paul’s Hospital and the Hospice at Glengarda.

The funds support the purchase of urgently needed medical equipment, holistic care, patient comfort care items, and research at St. Paul’s Hospital as well as professional development for staff, and the continued support of the Hospice at Glengarda.

St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation held its Annual General Meeting on April 28, 2022. Board Chair Dr. Vivian Walker took the time to acknowledge the many people and organizations that have given their time and resources in service of the Foundation, Hospital, and Hospice in the past year. She also expressed her “deepest gratitude to our terrific Foundation donors and supporters for ongoing generosity in these seasons of change”, thanking our donor community for “partnering with us to make a powerful difference in the care of many”.

At the event, the Foundation reported on a few noteworthy funding allocations including $531,736 for Patient Bedside and Central Monitors, $100,897 for Portable Ventilators, and $156,000 for Holistic Care programming at the Hospice at Glengarda.

The Foundation wishes to thank Arlene Jorgenson for her passion and dedication as she retires from her position on the Volunteer Board of Directors this year. Arlene has been an invaluable part of our team, connecting with our donors over the phone and through our Christmas Dove letters, as well as bringing her creativity and talent to projects such as hand-made cards for donors and Legacy quilts for the Hospice. We are very grateful for the energy and enthusiasm she has brought to our organization during her tenure.

St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation is pleased to welcome a new inductee to the Board. Carmen Levandoski brings invaluable experience to our Board; she has been employed at St. Paul’s Hospital for 20 years in a number of roles, including dialysis nurse, staff educator, and kidney clinic nurse. St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation has allocated more than $83 million to the Hospital since the Foundation was formed in 1982.


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