Quiet Rooms/Places to Pray

At St. Paul's Hospital, there are various important places of sanctuary and revelation, both for patients and for their families in times of need:

  • Chapel - B Wing, 3rd Floor
  • Multi-faith Stillness Room - A Wing, 5th Floor
  • First Nations Prayer and Ceremonial Room - A Wing, 5th Floor
  • Quiet Rooms - ask at Information. 

The First Nations Prayer and Ceremonial Room was founded in 1998 and was the first of its kind in Saskatoon, dedicated to meeting spiritual needs as identified by First Nations peoples.

Saskatoon Health Region First Nations and Métis Health Services opened in 2013 at St. Paul’s Hospital, and it works closely with SPH’s Aboriginal Spiritual Care staff to ensure spiritual needs are met and ceremonies provided. 

Our Hospital was entrusted with leading Spiritual Care throughout the region in 2000, and today we lead Saskatoon Health Region’s Spiritual Care Program, which assists patients and families of all faiths and backgrounds with their spiritual needs.