Kidney Health and Provincial Transplant

Kidney Health

St. Paul’s Hospital is a provincial leader in the treatment of renal (kidney) diseases, providing specialized services within the Saskatchewan Health Authority as well as to Northern communities. Since May 1960 when Saskatchewan’s first kidney dialysis was performed at St. Paul’s, thousands of patients with kidney disease have benefited from Renal Services. Hemodialysis services are provided at the Hospital, in a community setting at the Cameco Community Renal Health Centre in Saskatoon, and in satellite units in Lloydminster, North Battleford, Prince Albert and Tisdale. Renal Services also provides training and support for patients to perform their own dialysis via peritoneal dialysis, a home-based treatment patients can do on their own, and for those who wish to receive hemodialysis at home through the Home Based Therapies Program.

St. Paul’s Chronic Kidney Disease Outreach Program is working with Northern communities to prevent kidney diseases by promoting healthy living. Once diagnosed, patients and their families are taught how a healthy lifestyle and proper diet can help slow the progression of kidney disease and how to manage it.

Provincial Transplant Services

Home to the Saskatchewan Transplant Program which began in 1989, hundreds of corneas and kidneys have since been transplanted at St. Paul’s Hospital. The program also supports patients who require or have received a heart, lung, combined kidney-pancreas or liver transplant.  

The Offer Hope campaign (2015) features the personal stories of donors and recipients and raises awareness of the benefits of organ donation across Saskatchewan. The Transplant Program continues to engage stakeholders across many sectors to support organ and tissue donation and to actively support the population of patients being assessed for transplant, actively awaiting transplant, and who have received a transplant.


Kidney Health Services at St. Paul's Hospital is located in B Wing on the 3rd Floor. 

More Information

For more information on the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Kidney Services or the Provincial Transplant Program, visit the links below.