W.F. Mitchell Bioethics Seminar

The W.F. Mitchell endowment was created in memory of W.F. Mitchell, a Saskatoon businessman who was committed to ethics.

Each year, this endowment is used to provide an education session for staff on a topic that is relevant to direct patient care.

Upcoming Seminar:

This fall, SPH Ethics Services will be hosting our annual W.F. Mitchell Bioethics Seminar. This year Erin Beckwell of Seen + Heard Consulting will be leading a session titled, “Beyond Burnt Out: Coping with Trauma, Grief, and Loss as Healthcare Workers in a Global Pandemic” as well as a session aimed specifically at leaders titled, “Beyond Burnt Out: A Session for Leaders on Supporting Healthcare Workers and Teams.” Both session will be hosted on WebEx, and can be joined via the links in the posters below:

General Session Poster

Leader’s Session Poster

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