Ethics Services at St. Paul’s Hospital

This webpage offers information on the faith-based perspective offered by St. Paul’s Hospital.

St. Paul’s Hospital supports Ethics Services throughout the Saskatchewan Health authority (SHA). For information on the SHA’s collaborative Ethics program, visit the Saskatchewan Health Authority Ethics page.

Throughout St. Paul’s Hospital, people routinely make ethical decisions that impact patient care. The care we provide is guiding by our commitment to holistic care and the principles and values laid out in the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada’s Health Ethics Guide (2012).

Given the nature of health care, some of the decisions we make are more difficult than others; these decisions can be emotionally stressful and can strain the relationships between the patient, family members and staff who are all trying to find the best way forward. During these times, St. Paul’s Hospital is dedicated to helping all involved in the decision-making process by providing spiritual, social and emotional support.

Ethics Services plays a large role in providing staff, patients and families with the support they need when dealing with challenging decisions. This support is provided through situation specific consultations and through education programs.

To learn about our program, explore the following links:

Contact Ethics Services

  • Dr. Mary Heilman
    (306) 655-5197

  • Naomi Moorgen
    Mission Coordinator
    (306) 655-5808

For an urgent ethics consult, please contact HealthLine 811 and ask to speak with the ethicist on call.