Applications for 2024


2024 will be the final year of St. Paul’s Hospital’s School of Nursing Alumni scholarships.  

1. The Alumni Association offers scholarships to St. Paul’s Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Members’ grandchildren or great-grandchildren who are pursuing a degree in Nursing. If there are no nursing applicants, other medically related applicants will be considered. 

2. Full time students shall be given priority in the following order: Doctoral, Master's or Baccalaureate program.

3. Part-time students may also apply.

4. An applicant may receive only one scholarship at each program level.

5. A total of $4,000 has been allocated.

6. All decisions of the committee are final.


1. Letter of application, together with a brief personal history and signature. 

2. Student’s phone number.

3. Confirmation of acceptance from the educational facility for the upcoming school year.
    **Please indicate whether you are full-time students or part-time students for each semester

4. Copy of “ Official Transcript” of previous years marks.

5. Verification of applicant's relationship to a St. Paul's School of Nursing Graduate.
    (Photocopy of Nursing diploma, or if you do not have access to this information, please give the maiden name, year of graduation, and relationship to the graduate). 

6. Submission of two written references:

    a) Professional (School or employment)

    b) Personal


We request the above be forwarded as early as possible, but no later than the closing date of August 15, 2024. Notification of success is normally provided within a month of the closing date.

Please forward your application to:

St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation – Nursing Alumni Scholarship
1702-20th Street West,
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 0Z9

If you have further questions, please contact the Scholarship Chairperson at 306 373 5010.