Cameco Community Renal Centre Entertainment System Project

“Life for our patients is dictated by their demanding hemodialysis schedule. While it is necessary, spending approximately 12 hours every week confined to a chair to receive lifesaving treatment is also very challenging. Staff do their best to make the environment as warm and welcoming as possible, but ever since our television system became obsolete a couple of years ago, patients have really missed having it as a distraction to help pass the time during their treatments. Reinstating a television system would go a long way to improving our patient’s experience while in our hemodialysis unit. ”

-Kasi Friesen (RN, BSN, CNeph(C)) Manager, Community Renal Health Centre

St. Paul’s Hospital is a provincial leader in the treatment of renal (kidney) diseases, providing specialized services in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. We provide renal care at St. Paul’s Hospital in the community at the Cameco Community Renal Health Centre as well as support and training for care in patient homes. Renal care includes dialysis, a time consuming process for which patients must travel to a clinic or hospital where they endure weekly treatments (sometimes more) to maintain their health.

The Cameco Community Renal Health Centre accommodates an average of 100 patients per week who are undertaking dialysis treatment. In general, each patient visits the Centre 3 times per week for a period of 4 hours each time. During treatment patients pass the time by reading a good book, completing a favorite crossword or most prefer, watching television. Spending time watching a TV program, the News or the Riders on game day offers comfort through distraction!

The current entertainment system at the Cameco Renal Health Centre has become obsolete. This has left a huge void for patients undertaking dialysis treatment.

With your help, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation will raise $116,000 for the Cameco Community Renal Centre Entertainment System, which includes 18 new bedside entertainment terminals, operating support and entertainment programming for 5 years.

Please help make a difference for these patients. With your support, we can upgrade the entertainment system for all 18 terminals in the Centre offering comfort during this time.

You can make a difference, donate today.