St. Paul's Hospital Foundation

Philanthropic leadership in support of St. Paul’s Hospital as inspired by the spirit of charity and compassion of the Grey Nuns.

St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation believes in the power of generosity to save and change lives. Founded in 1982, St. Paul's Hospital Foundation advances St. Paul's Hospital's vision by raising, managing and allocating funds in keeping with donors' wishes.

Charitable Registration #: BN 11919 5691 RR0001

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The Hospice at Glengarda, Saskatchewan’s first free-standing residential Hospice in Saskatoon will accept its first admission the week of January 25th, 2021 thanks to tremendous support from the community. Click here to read more or take a tour.

To make a donation in support of the Hospice at Glengarda, call our office at (306) 655-5821 or click here to donate online.

“Critical care monitors are essential equipment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU); every patient benefits from this monitoring. It helps the team respond to changes in the heart, lungs, brain and blood pressure. This new technology quickly alerts the nurse to subtle changes so care can be tailored for the best possible outcome.”– Heather Miazga, Critical Care Respiratory and Organ Donation, Saskatoon and North, Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Support Critical Care Monitors by purchasing a Hospital Home Lottery Ticket online, To make a donation, call our office at (306) 655-5821 or click here to donate. Please direct your gift to “Critical Care Monitors”.

“70% of medical decisions are made based on information from the lab. If you want to ensure optimal health care you need a vibrant laboratory component. You need a correct and timely diagnosis that allows you to determine appropriate treatment. Lab medicine is the science behind the cure.” – Dr. Fergall Magee

Imagine you are on dialysis; four hours a day, four days a week, every week. You pray for a kidney donor, but not just any donor. You pray for a donor with the best possible match. Now suppose your prayers are answered. The most precious gift has been given. Your medical team needs fast, complete, accurate information to ensure that your transplant is successful. That information will come from the St. Paul’s Hospital laboratory using a Nano Sequencer that allows medical specialists to mix the perfect blend of anti rejection medications. They will also use a Cell Imaging Analysis System – a blood sample scanner that sends images to specialists anywhere in the world for instant consultation. To donate, call our office at (306) 655-5821 or Click here to donate. Please direct your gift to “Lab – Automated Cell Imaging” or “Lab – Nanostring”.

After a lifetime of volunteering and donating to charitable causes, the late Robert ‘Bobʼ Steane gave one last transformational gift through his estate to improve the lives of his neighbours and community. Bob’s gave a gift in excess of $10 million to St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Royal University Hospital Foundation and Saskatoon Community Foundation.

Learn more about Bob by clicking here or contact Pamela Hujber, Manager of Major Giving to make arrangements to set up your own legacy gift in support of our Hospital.