Labscan 3D Luminex

If you ever need an organ donation, one of the first steps will be finding a matched donor.

Everyone’s DNA is different, and if the donor’s DNA is too different from yours, your immune system will reject the transplant.

The tests needed to find a match between organ and bone marrow donors and recipients are performed in the HLA Laboratory at St. Paul’s Hospital, home to the Saskatchewan Transplant Program.

You can help bring life-saving technology to St. Paul’s Hospital!

When the HLA Laboratory’s current test kits were purchased in 2008, they could identify 4,000 types of DNA markers. Today, we know there are more than 16,000!

That’s why your support for the purchase of a new Labscan 3D Luminex for St. Paul’s Hospital’s HLA Laboratory can have a tremendous impact on patient care.

The Labscan 3D Luminex can identify a greater number of DNA markers than the current system we have available, giving healthcare providers more information about transplant options.

Not only will it help determine organ donor and recipient compatibility, it can also help doctors and specialists plan for potential post-transplant complications.

This advanced technology will improve the success of the transplant, and improve the quality of life for our patients after the transplant is completed.

Your help will make a difference to Saskatchewan transplant patients for years to come.

Donate online now, or for more information contact Aubree Worobetz, Major Gifts Officer at 306-655-5829 or email