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The Second Annual Graham Nicholson Memorial Golf Tournament

Friday, June 14, 2024 at Moon Lake Golf and Country Club 1:00 PM.

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A generous committee of volunteers plans the tournament with a passion to fundraise and bring awareness to the Hospice at Glengarda, which brought peace of mind to Graham Nicholson’s family in his final days.

Graham’s Story

In January 2022, Graham Nicholson, husband to Tannis Nicholson and father to Austin (17) and Chelsea (14), was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer. Graham worked for over 2 decades as a general manager in sporting goods retail in Saskatoon. He was a dedicated and loyal employee who worked hard to provide for his family.

He also cared a great deal for those that worked both for him and with him. He truly valued the many friendships that he made along the way. Graham was a family man. He was a devoted husband and doting father who loved his family “to the moon and back”. He was kind, caring, and compassionate but was also incredibly humble and modest about his accomplishments.

When it was clear that Graham’s diagnosis was terminal, every effort was made to ensure that his final days were both peaceful and comfortable. The Hospice at Glengarda offered that peace of mind in a modern and holistic environment for end-of life care. On April 15, 2022, Graham Nicholson lost his battle with Glioblastoma. While his journey came to an end, his family vowed to ensure that his memory and legacy would live on. Graham loved to spend his summers golfing; it was this passion that inspired the idea to host The Graham Nicholson Memorial Golf Tournament.

Your support for the Graham Memorial Golf Tournament helps ensure that the wonderful care at the Hospice at Glengarda continues, for all who need it. All proceeds will support the comfort care fund, which enables hospice staff to customize care in small ways that make a big difference.

Hospice at Glengarda

Proceeds from the Graham Nicholson Memorial Golf Tournament will support patients and families facing end-of-life at the Hospice at Glengarda.

Your support will specifically enhance the Comfort Care Fund at the Hospice at Glengarda. This important fund ensures that the patients and families within the Hospice have access to the resources and amenities they need to feel safe, comfortable and at home during their stay. Help us continue to provide care that is patient-centered and responsive, and meets the needs of mind, body, and soul.  


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