The Gift Shop: Brightening customers’ days

Gift Shop Volunteer

“The Gift Shop at St. Paul’s Hospital is a reprieve from the sometimes emotional and clinical atmosphere of the Hospital,” says Gift Shop Manager Stella Price. She and her staff strive to create a welcoming environment because they know their customers may be going through a hard time.

“Many times people confide in us or tell us that their loved one has just passed away,” Price said. “I feel our role is to listen and I believe all our volunteers and employees would say that it is the customers whose day we can brighten that makes the job worthwhile.”

With a wide variety of products and services -- including cell phone minutes, flowers, balloons, cards, candy, beverages, and giftware -- the Gift Shop provides a necessary service for St. Paul’s Hospital staff, patients, and families.

Stella Price, Gift Shop Manager

Gift Shop manager Stella Price says her goal is to brighten people’s day.

Operated by St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Price said the Gift Shop follows the same principles as the Foundation of good stewardship and giving back to the community. 

All proceeds from the Gift Shop support St. Paul's Hospital employee professional development and training. “It makes a difference to people when they learn that all of the proceeds from the Gift Shop go back into the Hospital,” Price said. 

In addition, the Gift Shop sponsored the Licenced Practical Nurse (LPN) Education Award at the 2017 Professional Development Awards last October. 2017 LPN Education Award recipients were: Ashley Mitchelmore - Unit Assistant/OR, Kristin Lacey - LPN/6th Med, and Vaishakhi Patel - Unit Assistant/OR.

All of the proceeds from the Gift Shop support professional development at St. Paul’s Hospital. Thank you for your support.