Story Posted: 2022-12-22

Christmas wishes from the Emmanuel Health CEO & SPH President and CEO, and SPH Executive Director

St. Paul’s Hospital CEO & Emmanuel Health CEO Jean Morrison 

Winter has now arrived and it is beginning to feel like Christmas! A time to reflect, a time to celebrate and a time to look to the future. As I reflect I know the last two and one-half years brought many firsts for healthcare, and you and your teammates have met those challenges head-on. You have continued to provide our families, friends, colleagues and neighbours with the care and service they require.

This year I will celebrate but I am retiring in the spring, so I am spending more time reflecting and looking to the future.

In February I will have worked at St. Paul’s for 14 years. I am fortunate to have enjoyed and been challenged in every position I have held in healthcare, but the last 14 years have been some of the most enriching in my career. I have been asked many times what is different about faith-based health care. Over time what I have learned is that faith-based health care has a set of core values and a mission that doesn’t change over time.

The mission of Catholic health care has always been rooted in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, providing compassionate care to those with unmet needs, with particular attention to the poor and the voiceless. Even if some of the words in the mission and values change over time, the base elements remain in place and continue to guide the decisions made by our leaders. That’s not to say that those in faith-based health care don’t stray from the ideals we strive for, rather it means that we always have the core that is shared, reinforced and that guides us.

As I leave Emmanuel Health and St. Paul’s I leave with some sadness and also a sense of pride and peace.

I am proud to have worked with and lead a team committed to serving those in greatest need even on our hardest days. St. Paul’s has a team of staff, physicians and volunteers that step forward to help when help is needed. It remains a building where people pass you in the hall and smile and acknowledge you and where accepting all people regardless of who they are, what they have, or how they are today is an expectation.

I leave with a sense of peace because I know the focus will continue to be on caring for, interacting with and treating all people with compassion and without judgment. And I know you will continue to partake in the celebrations and events that bring people together to build the bonds that make St. Paul’s a community of health, hope and compassion for all!

Prior to my departure, I am pleased to have the opportunity to welcome Corey Miller back to St. Paul’s as he steps into my position as President and CEO of Emmanuel Health and each of its 12 subsidiary corporations.

Corey spent his early career in diagnostic imaging at St. Paul’s and has remained connected to the hospital in various ways throughout his career. I know you will welcome Corey with the same openness and warmth you have provided to me for the past 14 years.

Wishing you and your families a very healthy, Merry Christmas season and all the best in 2023!

Christmas wishes from St. Paul’s Hospital Executive Director Tracy Muggli

Season’s Greetings everyone!

As we enter this season of welcoming family and friends into our home, while welcoming health-seeking relatives from our community into healing space at St. Paul’s Hospital, may you all have the opportunity to experience the hospitality of others as well.

You have all given selflessly and it has been wonderful to formally recognize many of you through awards, scholarships, and spontaneous Front Line Love Cart visits!

We have built a real community at St. Paul’s, for which I am so grateful. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope that everyone has an opportunity to spend some time with people you love, engaging in visits that bring you joy and peace.

Originally published in the Lifeline, the St. Paul’s Hospital staff newsletter.


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