Story Posted: 2023-01-10

W. F. Mitchell Bioethics Seminar: Dr. Cory Neudorf

The W.F. Mitchell Bioethics Seminar returned to Pylypchuk Hall as Dr. Cory Neudorf presented, “Health Inequities in Saskatoon: An Update on Reports & Actions.” The event was also available via Webex, with over 75 participants both online and in person.

Dr. Neudorf began his presentation by guiding participants through the definition of health equity. Health equity is a “principal of and commitment to incorporating fairness into health by reducing the differences in health experiences and health outcomes between different populations...It implies that all people can reach their full health potential and should not be disadvantaged from attaining it because of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, social class, socio economic status, geography or other socially determined circumstance.

With this definition given, Dr. Neudorf shared part of the history of global and local efforts towards health equity, which have by necessity incorporated healthcare, education, employment and social services as some of the many factors that influence a person or a group of people’s overall health.

Dr. Neudorf explained that health system programs that want to help patients achieve positive results need to adjust care plans to take into consideration the unique needs and abilities of the people they serve. For example, care for persons with diabetes often includes meal planning support which will need to be adjusted based on the person’s ability to purchase fresh high quality food.

Meanwhile beyond the healthcare system, attention must continue to be given to expanding access to nutritious food for all.

Focusing on Saskatchewan specifically, Dr. Neudorf provided a map that demonstrated the significant health inequities in our province (see slide deck link below).

He closed on a hopeful note, outlining some of the initiatives that have already been taken to close the health equity gap and steps for the future, including forming new intersectoral partnerships.

Unfortunately, due to technological difficulties, this year’s W.F. Mitchell Bioethics Seminar was not recorded. However, Dr. Neudorf has generously shared his slides, which are available by contacting Dr. Mary Heilman at her SHA e-mail address.


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