Seeds of Hope funds ‘little miracle on wheels’ digital portable X-Ray machine

Imagine a doctor knowing immediately that a patient's breathing tube is in the correct position, or a doctor telling a patient not to worry because they see a very precise image and know exactly what to do. This is what a state-of-the-art digital portable X-Ray machine can do.

This little miracle on wheels allows staff to make major improvements to patient care at St. Paul’s Hospital. This amazing new machine can look inside a patient and give the medical team a much more detailed image than from the current portable X-Ray machines at the Hospital. 

The new machine will deliver images right on the spot, and a faster diagnosis means health care teams will be able to quickly focus on delivering the best possible treatment for patients. This means more accurate and timely diagnoses for patients, which will help save time and lives, and when a patient’s life is in danger, every second counts.

And the radiation dose from the latest digital models is five times less than current portable X-Ray machines, making it safer for our patients, as well as the health care professionals who use it.

You can help make this a reality for patients at St. Paul’s Hospital. Your donation will ensure this incredible tool is available to help our patients as soon as possible.

Thanks to an extremely generous gift from Leonard and Helen Kutz,  every single dollar you donate to the Seeds of Hope campaign will be matched, up to a maximum of $50,000. This means that if we raise $50,000 in donations, Leonard and Helen will match it with a gift of $50,000!

This machine will change the lives of so many patients that come into our Hospital and because it can put extremely detailed images into the hands of doctors and nurses at crucial moments, without any delay, it will save lives.

Donations that support state-of-the-art equipment like this help the staff at St. Paul’s focus on providing the best possible care to patients. 

Donate now to bring this equipment to the Hospital and have your gift matched by Leonard and Helen Kutz!