About Endowments

An endowment fund is an opportunity for those who wish to make a significant, lasting contribution to St. Paul's Hospital. The principal of the gift, a minimum $25,000 donation, is held for a minimum of ten years, while the interest earned is allocated annually to an area of the donor's interest within the Foundation's funding scope.

We would be pleased to talk with you about how you can set up an endowment or contribute to an existing fund.

Please contact the Manager of Major Giving at 306-655-5832 or email info@sphfoundation.org.

Current Endowment Funds as of December 31st

  • The Grey Nuns Legacy Fund
    At St. Paul's Hospital we believe life is about being harmoniously whole - in body, mind and spirit. For this reason, the Hospital focuses on the physical and spiritual healing and wellness of their patients. The Grey Nuns Legacy Fund supports Spiritual Care Services and our mission to care for and journey with patients and their families through illness, injury and dying. The Grey Nuns Legacy Fund provides annual support for special activities in spiritual care, mission and ethics at St. Paul's Hospital. The Grey Nuns' vision, "Together we are summoned to be vibrant and compassionate signs of hope in our broken world" is acknowledged annually through this endowment.
  • St. Marguerite d'Youville Endowment Fund
    In honour of the unique inspiration of St. Marguerite d'Youville, foundress of our Hospital, this fund supports annual projects such as the Professional and Organizational development Awards and the Foundation & SHA Professional Development fund. Recognizing that individuals who have up-to-date education and training make the entire Hospital better, the St. Paul's Hospital Foundation provides $97,500 annually in scholarships and awards for St. Paul's Hospital staff. 
  • Janice Bergan Endowment Fund
    Established in 2005 by Terry Bergan and his daughters in memory of his wife Janice Bergan to support equipment purchases and specific needs in the areas of Licenced Practical Nurse (LPN) and Nursing Education programs for the disadvantaged.
  • Evelyn Burkitt Endowment Fund
    Established in December of 2005 to support special needs in the Leslie and Irene Dubé Urology Centre of Health.
  • Orest Chorneyko Memorial Endowment Fund
    Established to support Palliative Care in St. Paul's Hospital, this endowment was funded through proceeds of an event hosted in memory of Orest Chorneyko under the advisement of Mrs. Jane Chorneyko and Hayley and Marc Schwendemann, and is a direct result of the generosity and collaboration of the friends and family of Orest Chorneyko.
  • Sheila Cooper Endowment Fund
    Established by her family in 1997 after Sheila passed away in Palliative Care at St. Paul's Hospital. Sheila was an exceptional woman, an SPH Foundation Gift Shop volunteer, and a strong supporter of St. Paul's. The fund supports an annual retreat for palliative care professionals, providing an opportunity for emotional support and training for palliative care staff in a setting away from the Hospital.
  • Humanitas Endowment Fund
    The Humanitas organization, established in the early 1980's, was mandated to provide public education about palliative care and to support the rights of individuals and families who were coping with terminal illnesses. The Humanitas Endowment Fund was set up in 2001 when the organization was dissolved. The purposed of the fund is to ensure that the spirit and intent of Humanitas continues to empower our community through the provision of ongoing educational resources pertaining to the physical, psychological, spiritual and social dimensions of terminal illness and bereavement.
  • Dr. Ivan Jen and Dr. Suzanne Yip Health Endowment Endowment Fund for MRI & Urology
    Established during the 100th Anniversary year of St. Paul's Hospital in November of 2007 to advance patient care through annually supporting the Urology Centre of Health and MRI services at St. Paul's Hospital. Dr. Jen and Dr. Yip are long-term supporters of St. Paul's Hospital Foundation, and Dr. Jen was one of the first Directors on the St. Paul's Hospital Foundation Board.
  • Dr. Ivan Jen and Dr. Suzanne Yip Endowment Fund for Non-invasive Cardiology
    Established in 2001 by Dr. Jen and Dr. Yip to support Non-Invasive Cardiology at St. Paul's Hospital.
  • Joseph F. Knox Endowment Fund
    Established in 2003 by Dr. Eileen Dahl and Mr. Dwayne Dahl in the name of Dr. Dahl's late father, Joseph F. Knox to contribute to the greatest need of the Hospital each year. The fund is a fitting tribute to Joe and his legacy. Joe is fondly remembered by his family for his support and encouragement, his wonderful sense of humour and his commitment to his family.  
  • Roy E. Lloyd Endowment Fund
    Established in 2006 by Rose Lloyd in memory of her husband and former St. Paul's Hospital Foundation Board Member Roy Lloyd to support the greatest needs of St. Paul's Hospital.
  • Iris and Barry Maber Endowment Fund
    Established in December of 2008 by Andrea Wuetherick and Trevor Maber in honour of their parents Iris and Barry Maber. Dr. Maber's clinical practise was largely at St. Paul's Hospital and Iris was a graduate of SPH School of Nursing. The purpose of this fund is three-fold: to support palliative home care, to give scholarships to students in Occupational Therapy and/or Speech Language Pathology programs and to support new initiatives in collaboration with the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.
  • Sr. Carmen Marquis Endowment Fund
    Established through the generosity of Dr. Jen and Dr. Yip to honour Sr. Carmen Marquis and support Emergency Services at St. Paul's Hospital.
  • Eleanor Marie McKay Reichardt Endowment Fund
    Named in memory of Eleanor McKay Reichardt, a graduate of the St. Paul's Hospital School of Nursing, to annually fund a scholarship for a deserving and needy beginning nursing student from Siast or the U of S.
  • The William F. Mitchell Endowment Fund
    Established by Joanne Mitchell in 2005 in memory of William F. Mitchell to support an annual Bioethics seminar at St. Paul's Hospital where a major ethicist will discuss topics of interest and concern that support the mission, vision and values of St. Paul's Hospital, benefiting the Hospital and the patients we serve. The seminar will honour Bill's special qualities, his high moral and ethical standards and his support of our community.
  • Russel Muzyka and Delphine Winter Endowment Fund
    Established by Russel Muzyka and Delphine Winter in May 2013 to support their plan to donate to St. Paul's Hospital throughout their retirement. The principal investment will remain intact, generating investment income that will be used to support the area of greatest need at St. Paul's Hospital.
  • Sylvia and Peter Kiziak Endowment Fund
    Established in 2017 to support all forms of staff development.