Story Posted: 2023-06-26

Message from Hospital and Foundation Leadership

From the St. Paul’s Hospital & SPH Foundation 2022-23 Annual Review.

Over a hundred years ago, a small contingent of Grey Nuns made a choice to stay in a city that they were only planning to pass through. Their decision was fuelled by both compassion and courage, and was one that ultimately resulted in our city’s first hospital: St. Paul’s Hospital. More than a century later, we continue to hold the Grey Nuns’ legacy close to our hearts, and do our best to lead with the same sense of compassion and courage that forever changed our community for the better.

Thanks to efforts to address needs and challenges both within our Hospital and also throughout our community, our legacy of leadership continues to be rich. St. Paul’s Hospital has been the home of our province’s first kidney transplant, the site of our city’s first palliative care unit and the driving force behind our province’s first freestanding residential hospice. We are home to a diverse and unique holistic care team that facilitates improved patient experiences and opportunities for community engagement through healing art, music and creative writing therapies. To date, we remain one of the few hospitals in the province offering access to non-denominational spiritual care as an established component of our Hospital’s services.

St. Paul’s Hospital and its Foundation aim to strategize and innovate together with our dedicated front-line healthcare teams and visionary donors, whose commitments inspire us to dream with confidence, courage and compassion. We celebrate important relationships with Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Ministry of Health, coupled with the guidance of Emmanuel Health, as
we move forward toward these strategic and visionary priorities.

It is our sincere pleasure to share with you examples of the innovative steps we have taken, both as Hospital and also as Foundation, to improve the care and experiences within our Hospital to the benefit of the patients and families that we serve. These include the acquisition of the da Vinci Surgical Robot and establishment of a provincial Surgical Robotics Program, the
implementation of a pneumatic tube system within our Hospital that enables a dramatic increase in efficiency in the delivery of lab samples and test results, installation of the Pyxis medication-dispensing systems in the Palliative Care Unit to increase pharmaceutical safety and efficiency, as well as the many other examples featured within this year’s Annual Review. We have also initiated work that will uphold our values through supporting our community and staff, including the Green Thumb Committee, the Culture Club initiative and the Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

We thank you sincerely for being a part of the St. Paul’s Family, and for your continued belief in our vision of providing a community of health, hope and compassion for all. Hand-in-hand we reach for a better future, and step-by-step we contribute time, energy and resources to facilitating our vision.

Lecina Hicke
St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation CEO

Tracy Muggli
St. Paul’s Hospital Executive Director



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