Story Posted: 2023-07-03

Hospital Highlights: Emergency Services

From the St. Paul’s Hospital & SPH Foundation 2022-23 Annual Review.

As the second-largest Emergency Department in Saskatoon, we have been a longstanding point of support for our city and province. The Emergency Department values the contributions of the Rapid Access Addiction Medication (RAAM) Clinic and the Emergency Department Addiction Counsellors (EDAC) Team, both of which are essential pillars of support for our community. These partnerships have provided opportunities for intervention, have increased positive outcomes for each patient who presents to the Emergency Department and have allowed us to better serve our patients living with addictions.

The past year offered the opportunity to add a new Nurse Call System to our Department, as well as a newly constructed Protective Services Desk in the central area of our waiting room. Further, our ER staffing complement has been increased, with three additional nurses scheduled on day and night shifts as well as the addition of a part-time Nurse Clinician role. Donor Support Advances Critical Care St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation’s Cold Hands, Warm Hearts fundraising campaign, sponsored by Cameco, enabled the ER and other units to distribute warm toques, mitts and hand warmers to community members during bitterly cold times of the year. This immediate and highly practical support reinforces St. Paul’s Hospital’s mission of serving the needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

With help from St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation Draws, the ER made improvements to their staff break area via new furniture and visual reality headsets that bring the peace and calm of nature to the space. Improving this area facilitates relaxing breaks and supports the well-being of our hard-working front-line staff. Foundation funding for our Clinical Nurse Educator enabled her to further her education so as to provide additional support to new ER nurses.


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