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Founded in 1982, St. Paul's Hospital Foundation is an independent body committed to advancing the mission, vision and values of  St. Paul's Hospital by raising, managing and allocating funds for St. Paul's Hospital in keeping with donors' wishes. 

As health care costs rise and new medical advances emerge, the work of St. Paul's Hospital Foundation has become crucial to provide our health care workers and physicians with innovative solutions, advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and research and program development. Each year, our donors give generously, providing funds for important St. Paul's Hospital programs, equipment and services that positively impact patient care. We are grateful to our donors who are making a difference every day. Key projects that have been funded through donor support include the Karen and David Holst Family Foundation SPECT-CT Suite, the Mosaic Laboratory, home of the Kinsmen Foundation Digital Transmission Electron Microscope Suite, our learning auditorium Pylypchuk Hall, and the Leslie and Irene Dubé Urology Centre of Health.  

SPH Foundation Vision

Philanthropic leadership in support of St. Paul's Hospital as inspired by the spirit of charity and compassion of the Grey Nuns.

SPH Foundation Mission

St. Paul's Hospital Foundation advances St. Paul's Hospital's mission, vision and values by raising, prudently managing and allocating funds in keeping with donors' wishes and to the best advantage of St. Paul's Hospital.

SPH Foundation Values

  • Donor-Centered Philanthropy: Our fund raising, fund management, fund allocation and stewardship activities reflect the interests and aspirations of our donors.

  • Accountability: We demonstrate accountability in all of our actions and fulfill our commitments to St. Paul’s Hospital, donors, stakeholders and the community.

  • Community Support and Partnerships: We work to continually foster and strengthen relationships with donors, stakeholders and the communities we serve.

  • Innovation: We constantly strive to be the best by encouraging and celebrating creativity and demonstrating excellence.

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