The Hospice at Glengarda

We will provide better end-of-life care by creating Saskatoon’s first hospice through renovating, expanding and furnishing the facility at Glengarda

The Vision for a New Hospice

First and foremost, we will realize Saskatchewan’s first free-standing hospice combining the best of both worlds: professional medical care for complex needs provided in a cost-effective, warm and comforting environment that feels like home.

St. Paul’s Hospital already owns a beautiful location and the perfect building. With your support, the Glengarda Residence at 301 Hilliard Street will be transformed into a space that nurtures and supports those facing end-of-life in Saskatoon.

A former Ursuline Sisters residence, the building is located in the ideal setting for hospice: a quiet residential neighbourhood with mature trees and a nearby church and park.

With renovation and expansion, the building will accommodate 15 hospice beds. This is the maximum number of beds appropriate in a home-like hospice model that is efficient and effective.

A complete renovation of the existing structure is necessary to reconfigure it into a home-like atmosphere that provides ample room for grief, joy, transcendence, celebration, sadness and peace as your family copes with the reality of dying.

The result will be a warm and comforting place, full of the right staff and equipment to provide compassionate care for you and your family.

The Hospice at Glengarda will offer the closest experience you could have to dying at home.

Each floor will provide the comforts of home, including kitchens to cook family dinners, dining room tables, breakfast nooks for coffee visits and welcoming hearths to gather around.

Light-filled patient rooms and community spaces will bring the outdoors in.

Easy access to the outdoors in beautiful garden areas on every floor will help patients feel the warmth of the sun, the gentle caress of the breeze, and the sounds of the neighbourhood.

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