The Facts 

Statistics show that most people wish to die at home.

However, more and more people are facing end-of-life with complex needs. 

Caring for dying loved ones at home can be tremendously difficult, taking an incredible toll on families and friends.

And while it may be your loved one’s preference to die at home, the reality of caring for their complex needs may be too much - even with Home Care and supportive community programs. 

Without a hospice, your loved one may be lucky enough to find themselves in St. Paul’s Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit, the only unit dedicated to end-of-life in Saskatoon. 

However, with the Palliative Care Unit having only 12 beds and operating at capacity, your loved one may end up facing end-of-life on an acute care hospital unit or in Long Term Care.

Right now, without a hospice, Saskatoon has a critical gap in the palliative circle of care. 

We want to change that. 

The Close To Home Campaign is a comprehensive campaign to advance End-of-Life care in our city.

  • Each year in Saskatoon, several hundred people pass away in their homes. The process is very difficult for friends and family, who become caregivers and are not able to journey with their loved one through the process. With your help, we can ensure family and caregivers in the community have access to holistic care services like bereavement care, spiritual care and the healing arts through the creation of Holistic Care Endowments.
  • St. Paul’s Hospital has an excellent 12 bed palliative care unit – but demand far exceeds capacity, and the unit requires renovation. With your help, we can ensure the Palliative Care Unit continues to deliver quality care by renovating the Palliative Care unit to improve efficiencies and patient comfort. 
  • Saskatoon has excellent home care, long term care and community programs, but they are not always able to meet the needs of  patients facing end-of-life, particularly with those facing complex medical care. Quite often – people facing end-of-life find themselves in emergency situations on hospital wards – wards not designed for end-of-life, such as emergency, general medicine, surgical, or oncology wards. We want to ensure that people with life limiting illness who are facing end-of-life get the care they need. With your help, we will build Saskatoon’s first hospice, where your loved one can be lovingly cared for right up until the end. We will also create opportunities for end-of-life caregivers to get additional palliative care education. 
  • Help us advance end-of-life care and bring our hospice Close to Home. Contact us at 655-5821 or info@sphfoundation, or donate online today!