Holistic Care Endowments

  • We will provide bereavement care, spiritual care and the healing arts through two endowments that will continue St. Paul’s Hospital’s mission of compassionate care, both in the hospice and throughout the community.

For more than 100 years, St. Paul’s Hospital has embodied the belief that health and healing are a result of more than medicine and diagnosis.

We know pain can be quieted and souls comforted by the calming notes of a song on a guitar, the therapeutic stroke of a paint brush, and the gentle and caring ear of a friend.

Holistic health care changes the lives of patients and their families and is a critical element in the end-of-life process.

We know that facing end-of-life can be a spiritually and emotionally trying experience.

It is our goal ensure resources are in place to support families and loved ones.

That’s why we are creating two endowments to deliver Holistic Care both to those within the Hospice at Glengarda and to the patients and families facing end-of-life in their own homes.

The endowments will support a wide array of programming, particularly areas not typically funded as part of operations, including:

  • healing arts therapies, including art, music and writing therapies;
  • spiritual care; and
  • bereavement care.